Madari Song Lyrics with Translation - Coke Studio

Madari Song Lyrics with Translation - Coke Studio

 Only Madari is song that can blow you mind within few minutes. This song was recorded in coke Studio season 2. We have collected this soft song lyrics with Translation . 

  Madari Song Lyrics

[Vishal Dadlani]
Madari, Madari, Madari,  Madari mera tu,
Main Jamura re Jamoora, Jamura re Jamoora... 

Master, master, master, you're my master,
I'm your obedient servant ,an obedient servant...

Tera damroo baje, baje damroo, Man ka mayura, 
Man ka mayura, Jam ke naache...

Your drum beats, the drum beats, 
Peacock of my heart started dancing ( Means it felt euphoric).

Teri vaani ke dam par,  vaani ke dam par!
Jag saara bhaage Aage paache.

On the strength of your voice/words, On the strength of your voice/words!
The entire world runs hither thither.

Tu hi dhare muskan ki booti, Cheetein tu ashuwan ki phoohar.
Tu hi dhare saagar kaa thela, Tu hi bhare nadiyaan mein dhar.

You are the one who hold keys to happiness).
You create youth and energy.
You're the one who takes care of the seas. You're the one who gives flow to the rivers.

[Sonu Kakkar]
Haaji lok maakke nu jaande, Assa te jaana Takht Hazare.
Te jis wal yaar, Us wal kaaaba... Te assan phol kataabaan chare...

The people who do the Haj go towards Mecca.
But I'm going towards the throne/shrine of Hazare instead.

(Takht Hazara was home town of Ranjha. So, its like Home of Love)

In whichever direction is your beloved, that's the direction of the Kaaba (of prayer). We have read and scrutinized the books rigorously for this.
Itt kharakke, dukhhad wajje, Tatta hove chulha.

Aan fakir tey khake jaawan, Razi hovay Bullah.

Bricks clang, the dukkhad plays,
The stove is heating up.
Ascetics may come, have food, be merry, and go.
Bulle Shah Satisfied and contended

(Context: In the olden days, wood fired stoves made of brick were used for cooking. They were kindled by blowpipes called 'dukkhads' and housewives would do charity by cooking for ascetics.)

[Vishal Dadlani]

Teri rukhi-sookhi, sookhi-rukhi, kha ke dekha, Har ek niwalah amrit laage.
Tere rehmo karam se, rehmo karam se!  Har phoote kismat uthke bhage...

We tried your plain, simple food and
every bite now feels like the elixir of immortality. With your grace, Every person's bad luck/poor destiny goes away..

Jitna bhar le khilonein mein chaabi, Utni hai uski raftar.
Tu chalata hai jeevan ka mela, Tu hi sunein hum sab ki phuhaar.

The speed of the toy with which it runs is decided by the amount of winding you give to that toy.
You run the circus of life, You're the one who listens to our spouting.

Madari, Madari, Madari, Madari mera tu,
Main Jamura re Jamoora, Jamura re Jamoora...