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Searching for the best of arijit singh songs? You can easily find that on arijit singh song list. It is a complete song album with all of arijit Singh's best work. This album contains Avanti Dhamana, Jhumar Divah, Sam Sandwaja, Zafar Kaushik and many more. Every song has its own genre, style and lyrics.

Download Songs: Arijit Singh Top Songs of arijit Singh Album: Download full song, Jhumar Divah, Sam Sandwaja, Zafar Kaushik and more. These are the best of arijit singh song list. They have been recorded in good quality. These have been categorized into different categories like Hip Hop, Reggae, Rock, Rap, Electronic, Indian Lyrics and more.

Original Resolution: Best of arijit singh songs written in Hindi by a legendary lyricist. The song is a plea to the nation for a strong nationalistic movement. It is a powerful speech delivered from the depth of his soul. The lyrics express the dream of a nation centred on a common language, a common culture, and a common religion.

Original Resolution of the National Assembly: Best of arijit singh songs sung by the leader of the nation, an erstwhile MP from India, Vallabha Advani. It is a historic song, which has helped in uniting two communities, separated for over a century. The song urges the people to rise above the politics and get themselves elected at the polls, taking the country into a path of peace. In this song, the leader has also urged the government to end the fighting between the Hindus and Muslims in the state. The song is one of the best songs sung by adapts.

New updated song list: It is an all time favorite with the people of India. It has won the popularity vote time and again. This is available in both the Hindi and English versions. Arijit Singh's original resolution is available in both the languages as well, to make it more comprehensible for those who cannot understand aright Singh's original resolution.

List of the songs that were recently removed from the album: There are a number of songs from the album that did not have space to be included in the original resolution romantic songs top. Amongst these are a few love stories that were inappropriate for a Hindi wedding. These songs have been removed so that they do not create a mess in the minds of the bride and the groom.