50+ Popular Nepali Songs List Of All Time

Nepali songs, also known as Nepali music, are an integral part of Nepali culture and have a rich history. Nepali music is a blend of various musical styles, including traditional and modern, and is influenced by the music of neighboring countries such as India and China. Nepali songs are typically sung in the Nepali language, and the lyrics often reflect the culture, traditions, and values of Nepal.

Nepali music has evolved over the years and now includes a wide range of genres, including pop, rock, folk, classical, and hip hop. There are many talented Nepali artists who have gained popularity both within Nepal and internationally, and their music is enjoyed by people of all ages.

In addition to being an important part of the Nepali culture, Nepali music also serves as a way for people to express their emotions and connect with others. Whether it is through dancing to a lively pop song or singing along to a sentimental ballad, Nepali music has the power to bring people together and bring joy to their lives.

There are many popular Nepali songs that are loved by people all over the world. Here is a list of some popular Nepali songs:

  1. "Timi Nai Hau" - Swoopna Suman
  2. "Mero Mann" - Aashish Rana
  3. "Pahilo Junima" - The Edge Band
  4. "Saili" - Sabin Rai
  5. "Resham Firiri" - Pashupati Sharma
  6. "Aakha Ko Huncha" - The Edge Band
  7. "Mayalu" - Anju Panta
  8. "Aasha" - The Edge Band
  9. "Ma Timro Maya" - The Edge Band
  10. "Sabai Jindagani" - Lila Karki
  11. "Bhet Bhet" - Swoopna Suman
  12. "Aama" - Swoopna Suman
  13. "Jindagi" - Pramod Kharel
  14. "Pahilo Prem" - The Edge Band
  15. "Sanima" - The Edge Band
  16. "Pari Huna" - The Edge Band
  17. "Yestai Ta Ho" - The Edge Band
  18. "Majhi" - Swoopna Suman
  19. "Pirati" - Swoopna Suman
  20. "Pahilo Prem" - Sabin Rai
  21. "Lukai" - Swoopna Suman
  22. "Timro Manko" - Swoopna Suman
  23. "Timro Aankha" - Swoopna Suman
  24. "Timro Yaad" - Swoopna Suman
  25. "Jhola" - Swoopna Suman
  26. "Lajaula" - Swoopna Suman
  27. "Mero Desh" - Swoopna Suman
  28. "Lajaula" - Swoopna Suman
  29. "Jhilmil" - Swoopna Suman
  30. "Jeevan" - Swoopna Suman
  31. "Mero Pyaro Desh" - Anju Panta
  32. "Timro Aakha Ma" - The Edge Band
  33. "Mero Euta Sathi Cha" - The Edge Band
  34. "Jindagi" - Sabin Rai
  35. "Timi Aaja" - Sabin Rai
  36. "Jeevan" - Sabin Rai
  37. "Timi Bina" - Sabin Rai
  38. "Timro Mero" - Sabin Rai
  39. "Timro Aankha" - Sabin Rai
  40. "Bhet Bhet" - The Edge Band
  41. "Timro Yaad" - The Edge Band
  42. "Hasiya" - The Edge Band
  43. "Timro Manko" - The Edge Band
  44. "Mero Man" - The Edge Band
  45. "Pahilo Prem" - The Edge Band
  46. "Timro Aakha Ma" - The Edge Band
  47. "Timi Bina" - The Edge Band
  48. "Timro Aankha" - The Edge Band
  49. "Timi Aaja" - The Edge Band
  50. "Mero Desh" - The Edge Band
  51. "Bhet Bhet" - Pashupati Sharma
  52. "Jeevan" - Pashupati Sharma
  53. "Timro Aakha Ma" - Pashupati Sharma
  54. "Mero Man" - Pashupati Sharma
  55. "Pahilo Prem" - Pashupati Sharma
  56. "Timro Aankha" - Pashupati Sharma
  57. "Timi Bina" - Pashupati Sharma
  58. "Timi Aaja" - Pashupati Sharma
  59. "Mero Desh" - Pashupati Sharma
  60. "Timro Yaad" - Pashupati Sharma

This is just a small selection of some popular Nepali songs. There are many more talented artists and songs in the Nepali music industry.