On the anniversary of Heath Ledger's death - Shekhar Kapur pays tribute

On the 15th anniversary of Heath Ledger's passing, filmmaker Shekhar Kapur shared fond memories of the late actor. Kapur directed Ledger in the 2002 film "The Four Feathers" and at the time of Ledger's death, the two were working together on a satire about the media titled "The Nine O'Clock War". Kapur revealed that the two had become close, with Ledger referring to him as a "brother from another mother". Kapur shared that he had traveled to New York to meet with Ledger to discuss the project, but Ledger had just returned from a shoot in Vancouver and was tired, so they planned to meet the following day after Ledger had a massage. Kapur was staying with his friend, author and alternative medicine practitioner Deepak Chopra, at the time.


On the anniversary of Heath Ledger's death - Shekhar Kapur pays tribute

Kapur also shared that Ledger's death was a huge loss for him, not just as a filmmaker, but also as a friend. He said that Ledger had a unique talent and an incredible energy, and that his passing was a tragic loss for the film industry. Kapur added that he will always remember Ledger for his dedication to his craft and his ability to transform into any character he played.

He also said that Ledger's death was a reminder that life is precious and that it is important to cherish every moment with loved ones. He added that the loss of Ledger left a huge void in his life, but he will always remember the time they spent together and the memories they shared.

In conclusion, Kapur said that Heath Ledger will always be remembered as one of the greatest actors of his generation and his legacy will live on through his films and the impact he had on the industry.

Filmmaker Shekhar Kapur, who directed Heath Ledger in the 2002 epic 'The Four Feathers', recently remembered the late actor on his 15th death anniversary and said that Ledger's portrayal of the Joker in the 2008 film "The Dark Knight" took a lot out of him. Kapur said that Ledger would believe in what he was doing and saying and playing on screen, and it must have devastated him. Kapur also said that Ledger sent him initial sketches of the Joker character but once filming began, he became completely immersed in the character.

Ledger had a brief but promising career as a leading man, earning Oscar and BAFTA nominations for best actor for Ang Lee's ‘Brokeback Mountain’ (2005). On January 22, 2008, he was found dead at the age of 28. He went on to win both the Oscar and the BAFTA for best supporting actor in Christopher Nolan’s ‘The Dark Knight’.