Pathaan Movie Review: All About PATHAAN Movie

 PATHAAN is an action-packed thriller that tells the story of a dedicated agent working for his country. In 2019, after the Indian government revoked Article 370, a determined Pakistan general named Qadir (played by Manish Wadhwa) decides to take revenge. He hires Jim (John Abraham), a notorious terrorist with a deep-seated hatred for India, to carry out his plan.

Meanwhile, RAW agent Nandini (Dimple Kapadia) receives information about a mysterious woman in France with whom she has a past connection. This leads her to seek out Pathaan (Shah Rukh Khan), a former top agent for India who is now believed to have gone rogue. Three years ago, Pathaan's encounter with Rubina Mohsin (Deepika Padukone) led to a downfall in his career, but the country needs him now more than ever to stop Jim's terrorist plot.


Pathaan Movie Review: All About PATHAAN Movie

 The film's grandeur is handled exceptionally well by Anand and the scale is more than what was seen in his previous film "War." Despite a few shortcomings in logic, the film compensates with its high-octane action and thrilling scenes.

The screenplay by Raghavan is engaging as it is infused with action, humor, and even emotions. The dialogues by Abbas Tyrewala are smart and conversational, with a few moving scenes. The director does a great job handling the emotional sequence in the second half, which takes place at the Indian Institute of Contagious Disease.

The film begins with a paisa vasool entry scene of Shah Rukh Khan and the flashback portions contribute to the fun. Rubina’s entry and the scene thereafter are sure to be greeted with claps and whistles. The Moscow episode has a lot of humor, and the intermission point is a shocker. The post-interval scenes are standouts, such as the chase sequence on the frozen lake, the madness in the train, and at the Indian Institute of Contagious Disease. The climax is nail-biting and the film ends on a high. The scene that follows the end credit song is terrific and relevant to the real-life scenario.

In conclusion, "Pathaan" is a must-watch film for all action-thriller enthusiasts. The film's grandeur, thrilling action, and engaging screenplay make it a cinematic experience not to be missed.


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